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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Group Send?

GGS is a powerful broadcast e-mail service designed for small business customers on a budget. GGS provides you with the opportunity to effectively market like the Internet giants (Amazon.com, drugstore.com, CDW, etc.) without spending an arm and a leg.

GGS easily integrates with your existing data sources and provides complete control over your lists including opt-out management, list cleaning and more.

Is Global Group Send an autoresponder system?

GGS is a broadcast system but it can easily be setup to automatically respond to incoming inquires. Autoresponders and scheduled autoresponders (like Aweber, InfoGeneratorPro and GetResponse) are inherently response systems and not first contact or continued contact systems. These types of systems are great for responding to form submissions with a preset series of messages, but they are inefficient for sending time sensitive messages (newsletters, product announcements, invoices, etc.) or for mailings to larger groups of people. For example, an autoresponder system would be a terrible choice to send a regularly scheduled newsletter or timely product updates. Like scheduled autoresponders, our system can easily send a number of messages over a certain time, but it is capable of much more than that!

Can GGS send HTML formatted messages?

Absolutely! GGS provides a number of fill-and-send templates that make designing a professional mailing a snap. GGS automatically creates both an HTML and a text message from your template and your readers see the version that they are capable of receiving. Most people can now read HTML messages (AOL 6 and 7 users must have HTML mail viewing enabled) those that can’t will see the simpler plain text version.

Do you offer technical support?

We offer FREE live toll-free and e-mail technical support, but we doubt you’ll need it! Novices will find our accessible, user-friendly interface with step-by-step instructions a Godsend. Savvy users will be thrilled by our system’s versatility.

Can messages be personalized for each recipient?

Yes. Messages can be customized with not only the recipients first and last name, but with up to 20 data fields from your record plus additional fields for your personal data. This allows for highly customized e-mail messages like invoices, reminders, account updates, per customer pricing, etc.

How long can messages be?

As long as you find reasonable! You can store up to 99 frequently used messages per account.

Can I save and manage more than one list at a time?

Sure. Our list management features allow you to manage up to 99 different lists in one GGS account. You can for example keep a list of inquiries, a list of customers and a list of suppliers all in the same account.

When do my messages go out?

Your messages go out when you want them to. You can send messages immediately or schedule them to go out at a later date and time. In just a few minutes you can configure a campaign and schedule multiple mailings over a given time. You can then send the same campaign to any other saved list with a simple click of a button. With GGS you’re always in control of your mailings -- change the schedule of unsent messages at any time.

Can I share messages with other GGS users?

Stored messages can be publicly or privately shared with other users. If you have business partners that would like to use your messages with their list, simply provide them a password to your messages and they can import and save the message to their own account.

Why should I use GGS over a stand alone program running on my own computer?

Unless you have a high-speed corporate class connection to the Internet and your own SMTP & DNS servers you’ll want to use GGS. Most ISP’s do not allow large volumes of outgoing e-mail on normal accounts. Regular dial-up connections are not designed to handle lots of DNS and SMTP traffic and as a result will cause a high rate of undeliverables. GGS runs carrier level equipment in our own on-location data center. We have direct high capacity connections to one of the fastest (OC192) backbones on the planet. This ensures high capacity, reliability and maximum deliverability. Your GGS account works from any computer from anywhere in the world without worry. With GGS you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest features. Let us worry about regular upgrades while you worry about communicating with your contacts.

What is your privacy policy?

All of your personal and account data remains strictly confidential at all times. GGS will never share any data stored in your account (including saved messages and lists) with anyone outside of our company unless we have your permission (i.e. shared messages).

Does GGS conform to “anti-spam” laws?

There are various State laws and a few proposed Federal laws that deal with the sending of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail. While the GGS system itself is in full compliance with even the strictest of these laws, it is up to each user to stay in compliance. GGS does not allow users to send spam and has severe penalties for those who do – view our anti-spam policy.

Is GGS compatible with list services like Leaders Club?

GGS is compatible with any service that provides lists in tab delimited text files formatted for GGS. This allows you to use lists from a number of sources. Those subscribers who also subscribe to Leaders Club will find that their Leaders Club lists are uploaded automatically to GGS without fuss. All lists uploaded or added manually must conform to our anti-spam and usage policies.

Do you offer an affiliate plan?

Not directly. However, you can earn commission on GGS accounts through Leaders Club.

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